General terms and conditions of rental :

Formalities: The rental of mobile homes or pitches is nominative and cannot be transferred or sublet.
The person making the reservation must be of legal age, legally capable of contracting the rental in accordance with these conditions and of guaranteeing the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided.
The reservation is only effective once the contract has been completed, signed, preceded by the mention “read and approved”, accompanied by the deposit cheque and the booking fee, and ONLY after receipt of our written confirmation. The general terms and conditions of sale must also be signed and preceded by the mention “read and approved”.
Promotions : Promotions are applicable to the reservation. They will not give rise to any claim or refund afterwards.
The participants in the stay : The number of tenants must precisely respect the accommodation capacities of the rentals (mentioned on the contract).
Deposit and booking fees: The deposit is 30% of the amount of the stay.
Booking fees :
– In rental accommodation: 25€: see special offers: 10€ for stays of 1 to 2 nights – 15€ for stays of 3 to 5 nights.
– In pitch : 16€ (free in low season)
Payment for pitches : The balance must be paid 15 days before the arrival after re-calculation of the actual stay.
In the case of a subscription to the cancellation insurance, the balance must be paid 30 days before the day of arrival.
Rental payment : The balance of the stay must reach the campsite no later than 30 days before the date of arrival (holiday vouchers are sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt). After this deadline, in the absence of full payment, we will consider your rental as cancelled. ATTENTION, VACAF cheques are not accepted.
Last-minute bookings: Any booking made less than 30 days before the date of arrival must be paid in full. The reservation will only be effective upon receipt of payment and as long as the stay is still available.
Unused services: Any service not used (barbecue, baby kit…) but booked and paid for will not be refunded.
– Arrivals are from 4pm. A deposit of 350€ for the rental and 65€ for the cleaning (by cheque or credit card) will be required.
An inventory sheet is in the accommodation. All anomalies must be reported the same day or the next day. No late claim will be taken into account and the client will be considered responsible in case of damage or missing objects. The appointment for the departure inventory will be made on your arrival, otherwise the management reserves the right to impose the time of the inventory.
– For pitches, arrivals are from 12:30 pm. Pitches are allocated according to arrivals and equipment. None
specific space is reserved.
In case of delay, the tenant must obligatorily inform the campsite (see telephone number on your contract).

In the event of no-show without any information from you, the pitch and/or the rental will be allocated to another customer from the next day at 2pm.
Liability insurance: Liability insurance is compulsory. It is the responsibility of the client to insure himself for any damage he may cause to the campsite or rental property and for his belongings, suitcases, valuables and vehicles. The campsite declines all responsibility in the event of theft, fire, bad weather or any other incident for which the client is liable.
Respect of the rules : The contract implies the respect of the campsite rules and regulations displayed at the reception and to comply with the provisions and regulations in force under penalty of expulsion without reimbursement. We cannot be held responsible for acts of God, climatic disasters or nuisances that would disrupt, interrupt or prevent the stay.
In the event of a problem in a mobile home, you must make a complaint on the spot to the person in charge.
Supplements : Whether on a pitch or in rental, additional costs may be charged (visitor, person, additional vehicle…) when these can be authorised (see our tariffs).
Minors: Minors not accompanied by their parents or guardians will not be accepted in the campsite.
Animals: The agreement of the campsite is necessary for the stay of all animals. The management reserves the right not to accept a stay if it has not been informed in advance and if it has not given its agreement. Health booklets and tattoos are obligatory and must be presented to the campsite reception on arrival. 1st and 2nd category dogs are forbidden in the campsite.
Animals are not allowed in the aquatic areas and near the playgrounds.
Barbecues: Only gas barbecues are allowed. Out of season, certain services may be modified or cancelled.
Swimming pool: For reasons of hygiene and in accordance with legislation, swimming shorts are forbidden. Only swimming costumes are allowed. Showers are compulsory before swimming.
– Departures in rental accommodation are before 10:00 am. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay after a departure inventory and inventory of fixtures. The rental must be returned in a perfectly clean condition, the inventory will be checked and any broken or damaged items will be at your expense. The deposit does not exclude additional compensation in the event that the costs are higher than the amount of the deposit.
– Departures to the pitches are before 12 noon. The pitch must be clean.
To extend the stay beyond the agreed departure date, it is necessary to obtain the agreement of the reception the day before departure.
SPECIAL COVID INFORMATION: In the event of cancellation of your stay, we will provide a full refund of the sums paid, according to the government system in place. Reasons will be either a new confinement or mileage restrictions,
or forced postponement of leave due to the health crisis (employer’s justification). Any other reason will not be taken into consideration. The customer will have the choice of being reimbursed or obtaining a voucher valid for 12 months.

On an individual basis, whether the client is a contact or a proven case, the Campez Couvert cancellation insurance (see paragraph below on cancellation insurance) will guarantee the cancellation of your stay in addition to the other guarantees already granted (see general conditions of Campez Couvert).
Cancellation: Cancellations must be made 60 days before your arrival in WRITING (Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt and postmark as proof). Telephone messages and emails are not taken into account.
– More than 60 days before the start of your stay, the amount of the deposit will be refunded. The booking fees remain the property of the campsite.
– After this period, no refund will be made except in the case of subscription to cancellation insurance (see paragraph “Cancellation insurance”).
In case of cancellation due to the campsite’s fault (except in case of force majeure), the amount of the deposit will be fully refunded (except booking fees) with no limit on the amount.
Delay or early departure: No refund or reduction will be granted in the event of early departure or late arrival for any reason whatsoever and even if we have been warned.
Modifications to your stay : Changes to your reservation can be made, free of charge, subject to availability and no later than 30 days before the date of arrival. These changes must be notified by post to the campsite concerned.
Cancellation insurance: A subscription to the cancellation and interruption of stay insurance enables you to obtain a refund of the amount of your stay in the event of cancellation under certain conditions.
This guarantee is optional and payable in addition to the rental price at the same time as the deposit. Its amount is equivalent to 4.5% of the amount of the stay. By subscribing to this guarantee, you are assured of a refund of part or all of your stay, excluding booking fees and cancellation guarantee (conditions available on request). For the guarantee to be effective, the balance of the stay must be paid 30 days before the planned date of arrival at the campsite. In case of reservation less than 30 days before the date of arrival, the totality of the stay must be paid in full with the cancellation insurance for the latter to be effective. All claims must be sent to our service provider (contact details on request).
Complaints: Any possible complaint must be made within 30 days of your stay, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
– In the event of a dispute, and after having referred the matter to the campsite management, in accordance with articles L. 133-4 and R. 152-1 of the Consumer Code, any customer has the possibility of referring the matter to a consumer mediator, within a maximum period of one year from the date of the written complaint, by LRAR, to the operator. The contact details of the mediator who may be contacted by the customer are as follows: MEDICYS: 73 boulevard de Clichy 75009 Paris – 16 –
VAT: Changes in VAT in force will lead to changes in the price of the stay including VAT.
Photos and image rights: The photos in the brochures are not contractual.
You expressly authorise the campsite to use photos of you or your children that may be taken during your stay for advertising purposes on any medium and without compensation.