General booking conditions


SPECIAL COVID INFO: In the event of cancellation of your stay, we will provide a full refund according to the government system in place. The admissible reasons will be either a new confinement, mileage restrictions, or a positive case at Covid or contact case in the persons participating in the stay (upon medical justification) or forced postponement of leave due to the health crisis (employer’s justification). Any other reason will not be taken into consideration.

The customer will have the choice to be reimbursed or to obtain a voucher valid for 12 months.



Formalities : The accommodation or pitch’s rental is named and can’t be given up for somebody or subleased.

The person who books the stay has to be of age, able legally to book the stay according to those booking

conditions and to guarantee the exactness and the veracity of the given information.

The booking is allowed only when the contract is filled, signed, with the written mention « read and approved », with the cheque for the deposit and the booking fees, and ONLY when you receive our written confirmation. Those

general booking conditions have to be signed and to contain the mention « read and approved ».

Special offers : You can get the special offers only when you book your stay. They can’t be the object of a claim

or a reimbursement a posteriori.

Holiday-makers : The number of people in the accommodation must respect precisely the accommodation’s capacity (written in this contract).

Deposit and booking fees : The deposit equal 30% of the amount of the stay.

Booking fees :

– For accommodations : 10€ for 1 to 2 nights stays / 15 € for 3 to 5 nights stays / 25€ for more than 6 nights stays.

– For pitches : 16€ / free in low season.

Payment of pitches : The balance of the stay has to be paid 15 days before the arrival after the control of the stay. If you subscribe the cancellation insurance, the balance has to be paid 30 days before the arrival.

Payment of accommodations : The balance of the stay has to be send to the campsite 30 days before the arrival

(french « chèques vacances » has to be send as “recorded delivery”). After this period, if the campsite hasn’t got the total payment, the booking will be canceled. WARNING, the « VACAF » cheques are not accepted.

Last minute booking : Every booking done less than 30 days before the arrival has to be paid completely.

The booking will be allowed only when the campsite got the payment and only if the stay is still available.

Non used services : Every service (BBQ, baby kit…) non used but already booked and paid will not be reimbursed.


Arrival :

– For the accommodations, you can arrive from 4pm. At your arrival you will be asked for a 350€ deposit for the accommodation and a 65€ deposit for the housework (cheque or credit card). An inventory list is in the accommodation. Each anomaly has to be reported the same day or the following day. No late claim will be accepted and the holiday-maker will be considered as

responsible if there are degradations or missing objects.

The meeting for the departure’s inventory will be planned at your arrival. Otherwise the management can impose the hour of the meeting.

– For the pitches, you can arrive from 12:30pm. The pitches are given according to the arrivals and the equipment. No specific

pitch is reserved.

If the holiday-maker is late, he has to call the campsite (phone number on the contract).

If the holiday-maker is not coming, the pitch and/or the accommodation will be given to another customer the next day at 2pm.


Public-liability-insurance : The public-liability-insurance is obligatory. The customer has to be insured for the damages he could make in the campsite or in the accommodation and for his things, suitcases, values, vehicles. The campsite is not responsible in case of theft, fire, bad weather or other incident which comes under the customer responsibility.

Respect of the rules : This contract implies the respect of the camping’s rules (sticks up in the reception). The nonrespect of the rules implies a risk of expulsion without reimbursment.

We are not responsible in case of force majeure, climatic disaster or nuisances which will disturb, interrupt or prevent the stay. If there is a problem in the accommodation, the holiday-maker has to express a claim to the manager on site.

Extra fees : On a pitch or in an accommodation, the holiday-maker can be asked for extra fees (visitor, extra people or vehicle…) when those fees are allowed (Cf. our prices).

Minors: Minors unaccompanied by their parents or guardians will not be accepted on the campsite, except with parental consent, with written and signed authorisation and with an adult supervisor on site on arrival.

Animals : The agreement of the campsite is obligatory for the stay of each animal. The manager has the right to refuse a stay if he has not been informed beforehand and if he has not given his agreement. Vaccination cards and tattoos are obligatory and had to be shown at the arrival. Dogs which are in the 1st and 2nd category are not

allowed in the campsite. Animals are forbidden in the aquatic spaces and near the children’s playgrounds .

BBQ : Only gaz BBQ are allowed. In low-season, some services can be modified or canceled.

Pool: For hygienic reasons and in accordance with the law, shorts are forbidden. Only jerseys are allowed. Showers are mandatory before bathing.


– For the accommodations, the departure is before 10am. The deposit will be returned at the end of the stay after

the inventory. The accommodation must be perfectly clean, the inventory will be checked and each broken or damaged object will be at the holiday-maker responsibility, like the reconditioning. The deposit doesn’t guaranty extra fees if the costs exceed the amount o the deposit.

– For the pitches, the departure is before 12am. The pitch must be clean.

If the holiday-maker wants to prolong his stay after the scheduled departure date, he has to obtain the manager agreement the day before his scheduled departure.


On an individual basis, whether the client is a contact or a proven case, the Campez Couvert cancellation insurance (see paragraph below on cancellation insurance) will guarantee the cancellation of your stay in addition to the other guarantees already granted (see general terms and conditions of Campez Couvert).



Cancellation : The cancellation must be done 60 days before the arrival day by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt (as attested to by postmark). Phone messages and e-mails are not accepted in this case.

– More than 60 days before the start date of your stay, the deposit will be refunded. Booking fees shall be withheld by the campsite.

– After this delay, no refunds will be done unless if a cancellation insurance has been suscribed.

In case of cancellation by the campsite (except for act of God), the down payment, with no limit of amount, will be fully reimbursed (except for the booking fees).

Lateness or departure in advance : No reimbursment and no reduction will be given in the case of departure in advance or lateness regardless of the reason and even if we have been warned.

Modifications of the stay : the stay / the booking can be modified, without fees, if there are still availabilities and minimum 30 days before the arrival date. Those modifications have to be send by mail to the campsite.

Cancellation insurance : If you suscribe the cancellation and interruption insurance, you can get a

reimbursment of the amount of your stay in case of a cancellation according to conditions.

This guarantee is optional and payable as a supplement to the amount of the stay and at the same time of the deposit. The amount of the insurance equal 4.5% of the amount of the stay. If you subscribe this guarantee, you are sure to get back a part or the whole amount of you stay, except the booking fees and the amount of the insurance (conditions available on demand). The guarantee is effective if the total amount of the stay is paid 30 days before the scheduled arrival day. If the

booking is done less than 30 days before the arrival day, the total amount of the stay has to be paid completely with the insurance for the insurance to be efective. Every damage file will be sent to our service provider (address on demand).


– In the event of a dispute and after having referred the matter to the campsite management, you may call upon a mediator.

In accordance with article L. 612-1 of the Consumer Code, within a period of one year from the date of his written complaint, the consumer, subject to article L.152-2 of the Consumer Code, has the right to make a request for amicable resolution by mediation, to

SAS Médiation Solution

222 chemin de la bergerie 01800 Saint Jean de Niost


email :


VAT : The modifications of the VAT can modify the price (with taxes) of the stay.

Pictures and rights : The pictures on our documents are not contractual. You authorise the campsite (without recompense) to use the pictures of yourself or your children taken during your stay on every marketing meduim, for  marketing needs.

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